Here’s what to expect and how to leverage the 21 Day Do Different Challenge: 

Each day a new 2-10 minute video will become accessible here. 

I recommend you set aside 15 - 20 minutes a day. I encourage you to schedule it and make a commitment to yourself to take 15-20 minutes daily for the next 21 days. Put it in your schedule.

Notice what you notice prior, during and after the daily Do Different exploration. 

What if you don’t notice anything? Noticing nothing is still noticing something;). 

Before you begin each daily video take a moment and pause, for 5 breaths to notice your surroundings and contact of your body on the surface(s) beneath it.

Follow along with the video, pause and notice what you notice for 5 breaths. Repeat on the second side if necessary, pause and notice what you notice for approximately 5 breaths.

To close take a moment and voice aloud (I love using my phone’s voice memo feature for this) or write down what 1-3 things stood out for you as a result of today’s exploration or what you’re now curious about? 

Taking time to acknowledge what you discovered or are now curious about is important. It is an act of claiming your learning which allows integration and digestion. Without doing this the learning tends to stay up in your head instead of being digested by your brain and body, becoming part of You. 

Ready to get started?  I am, let’s begin!

Do Different 21 Day Challenge

Would you like to reduce pain, get stronger or become more flexible?

  • You don't have to do something perfectly.
  • You don't have to change everything.
Doing it just a bit differently is enough to affect positive change.

Is not about modifying things to make them easier.  Do Different is movement and experiences that help you discover your body and brain blind spots.

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